20-100 Timer

ZebraWear’s Digital 20/100-second Timer™

ZebraWear’s innovative digital beeper is solid-state, weather-resistant, one half the size and half the weight of previous analog model. This 20 second timer comes with sturdy belt clip and battery.  Made by the same high quality US manufacturer as our signature Digital 20/100 Timer, it sounds at 20 seconds in both directions.

Please note: we will adjust the shipping charge to $5 and refund any difference that may be charged.

We offer a lifetime warranty on timer mechanism, everything except a broken toggle switch or belt clip- but contact us and we will help you out with our signature “No Worries” customer service.

Invest in the best- this is the only timer you need to buy for a lifetime of games to referee!

Price: $70.00

Special 20 second only Timer

Price: $53.00

Digital 20/100-second Timer™ Replacement Case

Price: $10.00

A23 12 Volt Battery

This is a replacement battery- timer comes with battery.
Price: $2.00

A23 12 Volt Battery


  • Use a Phillips head #1 screwdriver for unscrewing and gentle re-tightening.
  • Unscrew the single screw completely. Remove the back half of the case.
  • Load your battery, replace back half, and re-screw. Do not over-tighten the screw.
  • Clipping the timer to your belt on the right hip will orient the toggle in a 20-sec.-Off- 100-sec. sequence.
  • Worn on the left hip, the forward-to-back sequence is reversed. Test the 20-second feature for battery power; the 12V should last 10 hours of beeping; the 91dB@30cm Piezo beeper sounds a clear tone.
  • This product is manufactured in California, U.S.A.

For returns/warranty
 on timers ONLY, contact our timer service department.
Timer repairs are certified and performed by the manufacturer. Repair turnaround time is 1-2 days.

The repair is a flat rate of $25 plus shipping. Please ship the timer to:
Michel Schwabe
MHS Enterprises
29934 Larrabee St.
Hayward CA 94544

Original 20/100 Digital Timer™