FOX 40 Classic Whistle

with Finger Grip and Mouth Guard
Fox40 Fingergrip

Classic whistle with finger grip and Mouth Guard

Price: $9.00

FOX 40 Classic Whistle

with Finger GripFoxClassic

Classic whistle with finger grip

Price: $7.50

Yellow Penalty Flag

Classic yellow nylon Penalty Flag with weighted ball.

Price: $9.00

Center Weight Flag


Square Center Weight Yellow Penalty Flag

Price: $7.50

Black Ball Flag


Gold silky flag with black ball
Price: $10.00

Flag Patch

American Flag Patch

American Flag Patch


Official Patch

US Lacrosse Official Patch

Price: $5.00

Tape Measure

Zebrawear Tape Measure1.25 x 1.25 pocket sized metal ZebraWear tape measure. 6 ft length.

Price: $7.00

Solar Hat Fan

Solar Hat Fan
Solar-powered hat fan for keeping cool on hot afternoons. Clamps to most hats–stiffer brims and baseball caps are recommended.

Originally: $19.00/Special Price: $5.00

ZebraWear Pencil

Zebrawear Pencil

ZebraWear Standard Pencil for use with score cards.

Price: $1.00

Bullet Pencil

Bullet Pencil

ZebraWear Bullet Pencil for use with laminated score cards.

Price: $4.00

US Lacrosse Score Cards

 ZebraWear Score Cards

US Lacrosse Official’s Paper Score Cards. 25 sheets per pack. Double-sided.


US Lacrosse Ref Card



Plastic US Lacrosse Official’s Pocket Score Card. Laminated, rigid plastic. Easy to write on. Resuable.


FIL Score Sheets

FIL Game SheetsPaper. FIL Game Score Sheets. 20 dual sheets per pack.
Price: $7.00

FIL Game Score Cards

FIL Plastic Ref Card


Laminated, rigid plastic. Easy to write on. Resuable

Price: $6.00

Evaluation Forms

Official Evaluation Forms
Paper. Comprehensive official evaluation form. 20 sheets per pack. 2 ply carbonless, double-sided with field diagram on back.
Price: $20.00

Score Sheets

Score SheetsPaper. 12 Individual Game Score sheets per pack. 2 ply carbonless: white (Home) and yellow (Visitor). Contact Zebrawear for printing with team logo.

Price: $12.00

NCAA  Score Card/Stick Checker

The NCAA Lacrosse Referee Template/Scorecard is an easy to use, accurate measuring device for the new NCAA Men’s lacrosse head standards. Laminated. Doubles as a scorecard.

Price: $7.00