• Level 1 officials, select the UMLOA starter package only and enter your sizes. Do not select the timer.
  • Level 2 officials, select the lacrosse officials timer ONLY. Do not select the UMLOA starter package.
  • Level 1+2 officials, select both the UMLOA starter package and the lacrosse officials timer.

If you registered for UMLOA Level 1, Level 2, or Level 1+2 officials training, you have prepaid for this equipment. Please check out using PayPal: you will have to the option to use your PayPal account OR your debit/credit card.

NOTE: As the cart will not accept a $0 charge, you WILL be billed $0.01 for each option ordered. ZebraWear will verify you have paid for your training through the UMLOA and will authorize the shipment and pay ZebraWear for your gear.

UMLOAPack[1]Included: Level 1 and Level 2 Packs

  • Flexifit Hat
  • The “Scooter” Short Sleeve Poly Shirt
  • Black Performance Shorts
  • 2 black ball Penalty Flags
  • Golf pencil
  • Official’s Game Card
  • Fox 40 Finger Whistle
  • American Flag Patch
  • Black Ankle Socks

Level 2 Refs: Select Level 2 to add 20/100 sec timer to package.

UMLOA Starter Pack

Select Shirt Size Select Hat SizeShorts
Select your Pack Level

UMLOA Level 2 Timer Only